The cosmonauts

Visionary Craftsmanship

The cosmonauts

Visionary Craftsmanship

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The Next Generation of creatives, We Are the Cosmonauts. We are film explorers that have the drive to change industry standards. NIMBUS has been formed by a team of writers, composers, directors and actors that have a drive to execute content with maximum viewership in mind. From Feature Films to Television Shows, our collaboration with HotSwitch has made it easy to stream our content wherever you may be. 


High-Quality Experience

Enough of the redundant rejection of Film Festivals and picky distributors. No film is too strange. The more insane the better. We want to show your masterpiece to the world. Every filmmaker has a voice. Whether you are creating a TV Show, Film or just want to collaborate, hit us up! Pitch us your idea or submit your final project for a chance to make it available for live streaming! 



HotSwitch is the next level streaming service that is available on all iOS platforms that gives indie filmmakers a chance to be exposed.  As a proud and creative partner, NIMBUS has formed a group of next level artists to bring the new wave of Television and Film to your device. Pitch, Submit and Join  our society of creatives. 

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Send us your Feature Film, Short Film, Television Show or Documentary Film to our Email! We want it all!


Orlando, Florida, United States

Edward Hanratty Founder / Filmmaker (407) 353-1448